Throughout all our programs, we try to convey values to the children we are working with. We want them to be able to know good from bad​ and develop a set of morals. We teach them about respect, family, and religion, among others. Often, these topics are not talked about or implemented at the children's homes, which is why we start with the basics. When resources allow, we would also like to offer weekly or biweekly Catechism lessons in the communities.


In a city with tourism growing as fast as in Cartagena de Indias, where few people can speak English fluently, we see the language as a great opportunity for the kids. Learning how to communicate in English will give them more tools to use in the future, opening doors to different career paths and maybe even creating the option for them to study abroad.

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In this area with very fertile land, almost anything seeded will grow. In order to teach the community how to garden and help them become self-sustainable, we created this program, gardening together with members of the community.​

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In August 2018, we organized the first "Clenaning up Marlinda" project with the help of Fundación Bahía. Even though we accomplished a lot, there is more work left to do, so we are planning to hold further cleaning events in Marlinda.

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We believe that everyone has different abilities, some people have a talent for manual labor, some have more patience for farm work, some have better sales skills, and some get along better with numbers. No one was born knowing everything and everything we know, in one way or another, we learned. In our Entrepreneurship project, we empower people so that they themselves, through the acquisition of new knowledge and guided by us, can have their first entrepreneurial experience and thus start a self-sustaining business.


We are working on a project with the aim of teaching values to the kids through watersport, learning how to surf, do paddleboard, or even sail. To run this program we need sponsors. Would you like to help us make it real?

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We assit and give support to single mothers, most of them very young.

Our support consists of guiding them through maternity, giving them advice on everything in relation to raising kids and family life. Donations of clothes or food are always welcome.


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Edificio Banco Popular, Piso 13, Oficina 1308

Cartagena de Indias, Colombia

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