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We believe that education is the key to personal development and and equal opportunities for everyone. That's why we focus our energy on educating children as well as adults on different subjects, such as sustainability and a healthy lifestyle, leadership and entrepreneurship, the English language, and Catechism. Our programs are carried out in poor and affected communities in Colombia and Argentina. We are a non-profit, non-governmental organisation and rely solely on volunteer work and donations.

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The social work of The CoraJeM Foundation started with a personal experience in August 2015, when I was visiting Cartagena de Indias and took an "alternative" tour to see the other side of the city. In the middle of the tour, I encountered a family in a very upsetting situation, one of the children was suffering and in distress. I helped the family as much as I could that day and maintained contact with them, even after returning to Argentina.


The experience had a profound impact on me. There was so much need, hunger and pain in the lives of the family that I decided to leave my job in Argentina and move to Colombia to work with a Jesuit Foundation, The Foundation Centro de Cultura Afrocaribe, and continue to help the family and others in similar need.

With the help of my family, friends and volunteer donations, I began helping more of the families in the area. I was able to bring food, clothing, medicine and school supplies to the families most in need and visit them on a regular basis.


Realising this was a community in a lot of need, I contacted different NGOs, but unfortunately, very little help arrived to the neighborhoods of Marlinda and Villa Gloria. After considering many possibilities and talking to my family for further advice, I decided to take a further step in my commitment to these communities.


With enthusiasm I began organising and coordinating a foundation with the primary purpose of helping children in the community. I wanted to educate and coach the children, to provide them with opportunities for self-improvement. In November 2015, I presented the foundation ‘Fundación Internacional Santa Teresa de los Corazones de Jesús y Maria’ (Abbreviated to CoraJeM) and its objectives to the Chamber of Commerce in Cartagena. On December 12th, we officially opened our doors to more than 20 children, offering them breakfast and a safe place to meet.


I have experience in working with many Foundations: La Comunidad Sant Egidio, Un Techo Para Mi País, en La casita de Micaela, AIESEC, and The FSSPX. The latter I started with some friends in Argentina and happily they are still operating today.


With thanks to God and the Virgin Mary, the foundation continues to grow. With the help of other volunteers we are achieving more every day. The changes I see fill me with enthusiasm to continue my work with these communities.

Although the foundation is currently formed legally in Colombia, since early 2014, we started a volunteer group in Argentina with a group of friends in the neighborhood of La Reja, Buenos Aires province, through which we assist a community of 28 immigrant families who live in very precarious conditions.

- Eugenia Assaf, founder


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Edificio Banco Popular, Piso 13, Oficina 1308

Cartagena de Indias, Colombia

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