Volunteers and kids on a trip with CoraJeM Foundation

Social Objective

The Foundation pursues education, beneficence, common utility, well-being, improvement in the the quality of life, job placement, community integration, social service and innovation, preservation and promotion of good morals and family, work for peace, human rights and dignity in accordance with the traditional Catholic spirit.

How to help us

There are many ways to help us with our work, all of them are valuable and we are extremly thankful for your support! You can volunteer with us, helping with the English program giving lessons, with the recycling and organical gardening program or with the leadership and entrepreneur program. Additionally, you can donate money to our account to help us keeping up the work, which unfortunately is not possible without any financial ressources, as we need money to pay for supplies, transportation, breakfast for the kids, and basic admin expenses.

Latest project

In May 2018, we started a new activity in Marlinda:

English lessons, which are held on Saturdays, and review sessions on Wednesdays in the afternoon. You are all invited to come, visit, and help.

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WhatsApp: +573163247487

Email: fundacioncorajem@gmail.com

Find us: 

Edificio Banco Popular, Piso 13, Oficina 1308

Cartagena de Indias, Colombia

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